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Puppy Training

We have a wide variety of puppy training options to suit the needs of every puppy and owner. All of our puppy training options are suitable for puppies under the age of six months. Have a look below to see which suits you best. Unsure? Please feel free to contact us.


121 Puppy Training

Puppy training is vital to ensure puppy gets the best start in life.


Therefore we offer puppy home visits as part our Premium Puppy 121 Programme. These are tailored to suit each puppy and owner.

Big congratulations to the puppies who g

Puppy Course

A weekly training class for six weeks covering puppy training within a group setting including good manners around other people and dogs, loose lead walking, recall etc. 


Puppy Party

A great opportunity for early, safe socialisation. Have a fun time with your puppy exploring different activities designed to promote confidence and optimism learning key social skills

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