We  welcome puppies from the age of 8-20 weeks old in our puppy classes. If your puppy is over this age, contact us.

The most important time in a dogs life are the first 12 weeks and therefore it is never too early for safe socialisation and basic training - without which your cute puppy could turn into an uncontrollable adolescent dog both inside the home and out.

Our classes help owners train their dogs and achieve desired pet behaviors through the use of play and fun games, making training fun for both dog and owner. all with the distractions you don't have at home.

All our training is motivational and reward based helping owners achieve a consistent and reliable level of good pet behaviour following the Kennel Club Puppy Good Citizen Scheme. Upon successful completion of the class there is the option to join the one of our progression classes.

We also offer puppy 121 home visits, fun puppy parties and if you can't attend weekly training classes check out our 121 training.

Our puppy course consists of weekly hourly sessions for 6 weeks. The 1st week is an information session where we will go through what to expect over the 5 weeks training, and provide you with an opportunity to ask any questions, and  all puppies will receive a doggy goody bag. Puppies are not required that week. All puppies who complete the course receive a certificate and a rosette.

The course will cover foundation skills in the following:

  • Focus on the owner

  • Settle 

  • Recall 

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Appropriate socialisation

  • Sit & Down with situational application

  • Manners with people and dogs

  • Drop toys and food

  • Impulse control

  • Leave 

  • Stay

We also provide all puppy owners with an online version of the course detailing what was covered in each session. 

Numbers will be capped at 5 puppies and the course location is in Scarisbrick (outside). 

The cost of the course is £85.

The location is Russell Road Methodist Church Hall (outside)

The next course dates are:


Puppy Training Course

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