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Beginner Dog Training

If you have never undertaken any training with your dog - or perhaps have adopted a rescue dog and would like to teach your dog some new skills

If you have a dog aged six months plus, if your dog ignores you when out of the house, doesn't come back to you, pulls on the lead, or snatches food - then read on.

Did you know that dogs are classed as adolescent until they are two years old? This course is for these dogs and for older rescue dogs who have never had any training and you may be feeing a bit lost.

The five week course will cover an introduction to teaching and proofing skills in
- focusing on the owner
- recall
- loose lead walking
- manners with dogs and people
- settle
- impulse control
- sit and down and where these are used in real life settings,

Dogs must be good with other dogs, i.e not reactive (barky, sarky or growly). The course is capped at four dogs only.

The cost is £95 and completion of the class can lead to membership and joining one of our weekly classes.

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