About Us

The Merone Academy for Dogs, with the very apt acronym M.A.D, opened in 2006 by Maureen and Malcolm Merone. When Dominique took over the running of the club with Maureen assisting, it became known among friends as being "Maureen and Dominique's Dog Training Club".

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The ethos of the club was the result of the absence of a dog training club in Southport that focused less on the then popular regimented, almost robotic, obedience style of dog training and more on having fun whilst training your dog to become a well behaved family pet. Now the club is known for its effectively simple, fun training style.

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Both Maureen and Malcolm have a lifetime of experience with dogs specialising in Border Collies. Their experience stems, not just from over 70 years of pet dog ownership, but from various working capacities too. From competitive obedience training and competing, working sheep dog training and trials, dog and duck demonstrations and now training and competing in agility.It was from their sheep dog trialing days, they met and began working with Barbara Sykes from 'The Freedom of Spirit' Trust for Border Collies. As a result of helping Barbara with rescue dogs, seminars, the magazine and her books, they struck up a friendship with Ali Taylor, 'Head of Canine Behaviour and Welfare' at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. They have, to date, fostered, rehabilitated and re-homed over 30 Border Collies.

Their furry family currently consists of 5 border collies and crosses: Mist, a working sheep dog; Zeta, a Battersea rescue; Tess, a free-add re-home, Dolly, a Border Collie Spot Rescue and Squish a Rehome. Their ages range from 2 to 10 years.

The club has always been a family club, and although Dominique is not biologically related to Maureen and Malcolm, has always been viewed as such. Dominique became involved with assisting with some of the classes, attending seminars with Maureen, as well as assisting with and organizing fundraisers for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Valgrays and Border Collie Spot.

When classes were temporarily suspended as a result of Maureen's mother requiring round-the-clock care,  with the arrival of Tess at aged 12 weeks who was a failed foster dog, it became apparent that there was an absence of a suitable force-free training dog club and consequently, Dominique took over the running of the classes and in time, the club which is now known as 'Maureen and Dominique's (M.A.D) Dog Training Club.


Dominique currently has five collies, Beau, Luna, Mia, Abbey, and Lottie whose ages range from 12 months to 12 years. Luna is a Battersea rescue (and Zeta's sister), and Abbey who is a Border Collie Spot rescue (and Dolly's sister). As a dog owner first and foremost, Dominique understands that training must be suited to both the dog and owner and that one size doesn't fit all. With a back-ground in education, she aims to ensure that both human and doggy learning styles are taken into consideration for optimum learning to take place, and, strongly believes in force-free, kind and positive training methods. Running the club combines both Dominique's love for dog training and her love for teaching others.

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Dominique has fostered and re-homed border collies for various rescues, with some even coming back for holidays.


She began agility training with Luna years ago and caught the 'agility bug'. Since then, Luna has since managed to win into grade 7 and retire, and this year Mia has won into Grade 5. After helping  beginner members at another club for 3 years, Dominique became an Agility Club Qualified Instructor in 2016.

In addition to a background in education, holding a PGCE with nan understanding of teaching and learning styles, she also has completed the accredited Compass Higher Diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour with Distinction and is a member of the APDT and PPG. Dominique is an avid reader, regularly attends seminars, workshops, and conferences with top dog trainers from all around the world, ensuring that her knowledge is up to date with all the latest training methods.

Some of the latest courses attended included

  • Compass Higher Diploma in EBehaviour and Psychology - Distinction

  • School of Canine Science Puppy Lab

  • School of Canine Science Scent for 6

  • Brenda Aloff - Behavioural 2 Day seminar

  • Rachel Bean RVN First Aid (2017)

  • School of Science: Learning Theory Seminar

  • School of Science: Resource Guarding Seminar

  • School of Science: Separation Anxiety

  • Woof 2017 Behaviour Conference including: Alexandra Kurland, Bob Bailey, Chirag Patel, Clive Wynne, Jacqueline Munera, Jean Donaldson, Kay Laurence, Kim Monteith, Mike Simmons,Pam Mackinnon, Sarah Whitehead,Sean Pogson, Shelley Wood, Steve Martin, Susan Friedman, Susan M. Schneider and Theresa McKeon.

  • Rachael Jackson Tellington Touch

  • Agility Club Instructor's Seminar

  • Muriel Brasseur Oxford Animal Behaviour

  • Grisha Stewart - Behaviour Adjustment Training (B.A.T)

  • Rachel Bean RVN - First Aid

  • Dr Ian Dunbar - Simple Solutions for Canine Behaviour and Training Problems