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About Us

The M.A.D Dog Club was established in 2006 as the Merone Academy for Dogs. As a family run training club, as Dominique took over the running of the club it became known as Maureen and Dominique's Training Club. Although Maureen and Malcolm have taken a back step, they are still involved today. 

The ethos of the club was the result of the absence of a dog training club in Southport that focused less on the popular regimented, almost robotic, obedience style of dog training and more on having fun whilst training your dog to become a well behaved family pet. Now the club is known for its effectively simple, fun training style.

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The Canine Family

Me and my girl (one of them). Despite a

Dominique Fuentes - Head Trainer & Behaviourist

Dominique became involved with the club in 2010 assisting with some of the classes, attending behavioural seminars with Maureen, as well as assisting with and organizing fundraisers for Battersea Dogs and Cats Home, Valgrays and Border Collie Spot and progressing to fostering and rehoming border collies on behalf of the above rescues. 

Dominique currently has four collies: Mia, Abbey, Nessie, & Connie,  and Cavapoochon Chilli whose ages range from 12 months to 8 years.

As a dog owner first and foremost, Dominique understands that training must be suited to both the dog and owner and that one size doesn't fit all. With a background in education (qualified with PGCE, she aims to ensure that both human and canine learning styles are taken into consideration for optimum learning to take place, and, strongly believes in force-free, kind and positive training methods. Running the club combines both Dominique's love for dog training and her love for teaching others.

Dominique began competitive agility training in 2012 with Luna (Pictured above), who overcame reactivity, competed for many years and retired at Grade 7 (champ level) before she sadly died. In 2016 Dominique became an Agility Club Instructor. Currently, she competes regularly and runs Mia in Grade 7 (Champ), Nessie in Grade 3 and Connie is just beginning her foundations (Tess retired in Grade 6, and Squish Grade 5). Mia is not only competing in champ but has been successful in qualifying for the UKA Grand Finals for the previous two years.

In 2020, Dominique began training in Competition Obedience with then puppy Nessie. Nessie has overcome a multitude of behavioral problems and has successfully competed in obedience having won out of Pre-Beginners and Beginners in addition to her agility training. 


In addition to a background in education, holding a PGCE demonstrating an understanding of teaching and learning styles, she also has completed the accredited Compass Higher Diploma in Canine Psychology and Behaviour with Distinction and is a member of the APDT. She is also an accredited Julie Nasimith Separation Anxiety Trainer. 

Dominique is an avid reader, regularly attends seminars, workshops, and conferences with  dog trainers from all around the world, ensuring that her knowledge is up to date with all the latest training methods.

In recognition of her training, Dominique has recently been selected by the Charity "Veterans with Dogs" to become one of their trainers in the North West helping build reliable partnerships between working dogs and Veterans suffering from PTSD.

Neil Maher

Neil started attending the club with his dog Wilson a GSD x Collie. Rapidly progressing through the class levels, it became  clear that Neil had a passion for training. 

Fast forwards and Neil joined the club as a trainer in 2021 (having shadowed and progressed from assistant trainer). Neil also has his own training club in Wrexham. 

Neil is an IMDT qualified trainer and has a passion for behaviour work, scentwork and mantrailing taking those sports to the next level and is now a qualified mantrailing Instructor.

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Maureen & Malcom

Although no longer actively involved in the club, both Maureen and Malcolm still remain a vital influence. 


Both have a lifetime of experience with dogs specialising in Border Collies. Their experience stems, not just from over 70 years of pet dog ownership, but from various working capacities too. From competitive obedience training and competing, working sheep dog training and trials, dog and duck demonstrations and now training and competing in agility.It was from their sheep dog trialing days, they met and began working with Barbara Sykes from 'The Freedom of Spirit' Trust for Border Collies. As a result of helping Barbara with rescue dogs, seminars, the magazine and her books, they struck up a friendship with Ali Taylor, 'Head of Canine Behaviour and Welfare' at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home. They have, to date, fostered, rehabilitated and re-homed over 30 Border Collies.

Their furry family currently consists of 6 border collies and crosses: Mist, a working sheep dog; Zeta, a Battersea rescue; Tess, a free-ad re-home, Dolly, a Border Collie Spot Rescue, Squish a Rehome and Mouse a Rescue Border Collie Their ages range from 12months to 15 years.

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