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Agility Training

If you are looking for a very fun (albeit addictive) activity for both you and your dog, then look no further.

As an active sport, agility training provides both physical and mental stimulation; helps develop the bond between handler and dog; builds confidence and most of all is just fun for all.

Although here at M.A.D we train to competition standard, even though you may choose not to compete, we believe that, as with all our training, enjoyment whilst training is paramount.

We are the only Kennel Club Listed Agility club in Southport that offer competition standard agility as opposed to the "have-a-go" approach which not only encourages bad habits, but can also be dangerous.. For us, the safety of  the dog is vital and so we ensure that every dog and handler is happy and confident with each piece of equipment, as well as ensuring that good foundations are in place should you decide to compete. 

Our agility training venue, a different location to our obedience classes, is indoors so we are not weather dependent and we welcome handlers and dogs of all abilities. We have new, up-to-date competition standard equipment including aluminum contacts, and as with all our training, we only use completely force-free and positive reward based methods.

We ask that all dogs who wish to enroll on to one of beginners courses have either passed the Kennel Club Bronze Good Citizen award (which we also offer), are existing members of the club, or can demonstrate that their dogs have good levels of obedience. Child handlers are welcome.

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