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If you plan to include agility in your puppy’s life, it’s good to keep in mind what skills are required from agility dogs as you start your journey together.

These workshops are perfect for puppies from 12 weeks plus as it is extremely low impact. We will look at shaping skills, as well as games for building drive, building confidence, prescription skills, and groundwork for jump skills, contact training, and tunnel skills.

As well as providing your dog with foundations for agility, they are also fun games for mental and physical stimulation.

Agility For Puppies

This course is perfect for anyone who has never done agility with their dog before and as all the training is low impact dogs from the age of 10 months are welcome. 

Our 6  week course aims to provide both you and your dog a basic foundation level understanding of many aspects of agility training including handling skills, focus and drive, ground work, jumping skills, tunnels, contact equipment, weave poles and much more.

Upon successful completion of the course and assessment, handlers  will be given the option of joining the club and attending one of  our weekly training classes.

These classes are suitable for anyone who has successfully completed the 'Agility Beginners' course or has some basic demonstrable prior experience.

These weekly training sessions are aimed at those who would like to develop their agility skills beyond those introduced at foundation level. Whether you wish to complete or not, the classes are fun and enjoyable ensuring that both you and your dog are able to meet your own personal goals whether this is just a fun night our or with aspirations to also compete

Agility beginners' course

Weekly Classes

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