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Puppy Training

Welcoming a new puppy can be both exciting and frustrating. We so often hear the words "naughty" being used to describe puppies who very often just need some basic training from owners who may just need a little guidance. No two puppies are the same so it can be very disconcerting even if you are not a first time dog owner especially if your new puppy is very different to the last. We very often are approached or messaged by owners asking the best way to tackle very common behaviours with puppies, or by owners who now have a now older puppy with issues due to certain puppy behaviours being left unaddressed. 

We are therefore offer specialised puppy programmes  designed to get you off to the best start. We can cover crate training, sleeping, feeding, socialisation, mouthing, enrichment and keeping puppies busy, toilet training, starting walking on a lead, and teaching you how to prevent any potential problems and how how to address common puppy problems should they arise. We can also advise you on recommended tried and tested puppy toys and equipment to save you spending unnecessarily on well marketed gimmicks.


These sessions are best booked whilst the puppy is as young as possible a and can be booked prior to you bringing your puppy home too and are suitable for any dog up to the age of 16 weeks at the start of the programme . .

Our 121 Puppy Programme is specially tailored to suit you and your puppy. This is currently our most popular option as each session of the programme is tailored to suit.

These sessions take place where they are needed i.e your home, our hall, our private secure field, the park, etc. This ensures your puppy learns essential life skills in each of the contexts we require them to occur.

The programme also includes:

  • Recap Emails after each session (as there can be a lot to take in)

  • Puppy Goody Bag at the 1st Session including discount vouchers

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook Support Session with training videos, advice and support

  • Support between sessions (up to two weeks after the last session)

  • Discount of follow up training programmes or classes

We only accept a limited number of puppies onto our puppy programmes each month.

Contact us below to check availability and get your puppy booked in...

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