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Reacative Dogs

This is a workshop for dogs who are reactive with other dogs. By reactive we mean dogs who bark, lunge, and/or growl after being exposed to a trigger - this may be other dogs.

If you have a dog who doesn't get along with other dogs or if your walks fraught with tension, scanning the area for an oncoming dog, trying to control your dog and warn other owners to keep their distance all at the same time, then read on.

If you have a Reactive Rover and want to help your dog overcome his fears and anxieties and don't know where to start then this workshop is for you!

We can show you the most up to date positive training methods and provide you with an array of behaviour management tools, an understanding of your dog's body language and behaviour and reward based training techniques  to enable you to feel more confident and help make walking your dog enjoyable again - for the both of you.

Due to the nature of this course, working places will be restricted and all dogs must be assessed prior to being able to book a place.

Please contact us  for more details


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