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Kind, Fun, Effective Dog Training


We are continuously striving to ensure that our knowledge is current. With a background in education, we endeavour to help you understand your dog and teach you how to train your dog eliminating frustration often caused by a mutual lack of understanding


We are a Kennel Club Listed Status Club for puppy training, the Good Citizen Scheme and Agility. Our instructors are members of accredited bodies such as the APDT, IMDT, and PPG all of which adhere to a strict code of ethics that ensures only kind, ethical and fair methods are used. 


We are proud that we are not only recommended by many who have undertaken our services but also by a number of  veterinary practices in the area, and have had vets and vet nurses attend classes and 121 training. 


We understand how dogs learn, and can show you how to train your dog using  reward based methods in order to motivate your dog, build a lasting bond and to reach your dog’s potential. We aim to show you how to teach your dog to be a polite member of society whilst developing and securing your relationship.


Yesterday I met the gorgeous Brodie._edited.jpg


Having had 2 Border Terriers previously who I hadn’t trained or socialised life was quite restricted with them, so when we got our BT puppy decided to give it a go! Best decision ever, he is now 2 and we can go anywhere with him! The Mad Dog team are amazing, so supportive, always giving advice and never judging! You are never a lonely dog parent there, advice always on tap! Would highly recommend them!.


Been with mad dog for 3 years+ now. This is my first time owning a dog and without the support of Dom, Maureen, Neil and the other club members I wouldn’t be where I am today. So supportive and reassuring in class and outside of class. It has been hard and I struggled trusting my dog off lead in the safety of the class never mind generally on a walk. Now she can run free. Only trouble is the training gets addictive, especially the agility and you suddenly find you have a whole new group of crazy friends (family).


After adopting Lottie at 16months old we knew we needed expert training. Neil at Mad Dog training was that person. He has not only taught Lottie well but also given us the skills, advice and much more to make our staffyx a happier, calmer girl. Our daughter in law had not visited for a year due to Lottie jumping and her excitement, but after Neil visited our home and taught us how to use a crate for calmness, we had a wonderful family evening. If you need 121 training do not hesitate to choose M.A.D. Training. Amazing!!

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