TRick TRaining

Want something different to do with your dog? Trick Training is not only great fun but develops the bond between owner and dog, builds confidence, provides mental stimulation (which is great in this hot weather) and doesn’t require the handler to be too active. 

Join our online M.A.D Trick Dog Club. For just £20 (£15 for members)  you will be given  access to a private Facebook group where you can work towards your first M.A.D Trick Dog Club Title: Bronze. You can work through teaching the 15 required tricks (from a list of 20), in your own time and submit videos showing off your dog's skills. Your videos will be watched and if they meet the criteria – you will be awarded the point which will be added to your dog's record. When they reach the 15 points your dog will be awarded their Bronze Certificate and Rosette and you can begin working on Silver. Progress at your own pace within 12 months. All trick club members will also receive £5 off any of the monthly trick dog workshops where we will be covering a range of the easy to more advanced tricks. 


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