Puppy Training

Worried about training your puppy during these unprecedented times. Don't worry - we have you covered.

We have our puppy training course already set up online and we are now giving you access. 

The course focuses on:

  • How puppies learn

  • Focus on you

  • Proofing with distractions

  • Recall skills

  • Teaching down

  • Teaching sit

  • Using these behaviours in real life situations

  • Manners with food

  • Avoiding resource guarding

  • Impulse control skills

  • Lead skills

  • Teaching heel

  • Teaching stay

And much more.


We have step by step instructions and videos for you to follow at your own pace. 

We are also offering access to "Lottie's Puppy Tails" a private Facebook group which has videos, pictures and a diary from Lottie's first 8 weeks home, includes extra training videos (including toilet training) and provides you with the opportunity to post your own videos, and ask for advice for 10 weeks.

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