Puppy Training

Want to avoid the "if only I'd known" statement we here so often..


Want to be prepared when you bring your puppy home?


Want to know how to plan for the first night, week and month?

Want a head start for toilet training, crate training, recall training, loose lead walking training etc?

We are opening the doors to our online Facebook Support Group until 10th October. 

Follow the journey of our new arrival, have  access to two previous journeys plus training videos on all the below....

Because it is home based...your puppy doesn't need its vaccinations.

Concepts include:

  • How puppies learn

  • Focus on you

  • Proofing with distractions

  • Recall skills

  • Teaching down

  • Teaching sit

  • Using these behaviours in real life situations

  • Manners with food

  • Avoiding resource guarding

  • Impulse control skills

  • Lead skills

  • Teaching heel

  • Teaching stay

And much more.


We have step by step instructions and videos for you to follow at your own pace and in the Facebook group you can post your own videos and questions. We are here for you. 

This group is usually exclusive to existing clients.

We are offering 5 months access for just £50. That's less than £2.50 a week.