Trick Training

Monday 4th May we are launching our new monthly trick training group. Each month, in a private facebook group, we will work through teaching you how to train 8 tricks from start to finish with 2 a week.

Each Monday, for four weeks, step by step tutorial videos will be uploaded for you to follow to teach your dog the tricks. You then have all week to practice, upload videos, receive feedback and perfect the trick. If your dog can already do the trick, we can show you how to advance it further...

Our academy members have already started working on these.

The tricks we will be working on in May are

🐾 Sit Pretty
🐾 Touch
🐾 Fetch
🐾 Hold
🐾 Middle
🐾 Spin
🐾 Nudge
🐾 Play dead

We will also show you how you can sequence some of the tricks together.

At the end of the four weeks, Sunday 31st May , once you have uploaded videos showing off your dog's new trick repertoire, you will be sent a certificate and rosette.

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