Online Training & Lottie's Puppy Tails

Online training and 'Lottie's Puppy Tails' is a brand  new option we are offering new puppy owners.


We have two options, the first is an online training recap detailing everything we have covered within our classes on a week to week basis. We have found that people would like either, reminders of what the games we have covered in class were, and also helps if a week is missed.

The second is an option to join the above plus 'Lottie's Puppy Tails' which is a private Facebook Group which can help with puppies' behaviours at home. Sometimes, people just want to feel that what they are doing is appropriate, and that their puppy is normal and more importantly that they are not alone.

So, whilst it is stll in its infancy, as Lottie is still young and so therefore the content is still growing, we have spent six months (four months with us)  onwards , creating  diary of Lottie's development through puppyhood, the training we have done with her, the issues we have had and how we have overcome them. The 'Tails' cover everything from toilet training to recall training and there are lots of videos, training videos, etc. It is still growing so information will be added over time. Access will be to an exclusive and secret Facebook Group where you can also ask questions about your own puppy.

We are giving access to existing puppy clients at a humungous discount as the site grows.

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