Often we find that many people contact us facing similar difficulties with their dogs.

More often than not the dogs may be perfectly behaved in every other way, bar this one behaviour. Whilst behaviors cannot be taught nor rectified with "one quick fix" we appreciate that not everyone has the time to commit to long term courses but need guidance with their dogs. Alternatively, some people enjoy attending workshops to learn new training games, targeted at specific behaviours, spending time with their dogs learning something new, or proofing and developing existing skills.

With this in mind,  we regularly hold one-off workshops, as well as short 4-Week courses throughout the year.

The workshops can be very intensive and are kept to low numbers to allow each dog/handler to benefit from some individualized help. We appreciate that not all dogs and not all people learn and respond in the same way.

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    Recall Workshop

  • ll.jpeg

    Loose Lead Walking

  • Amazing weekend agilitying - our last ou

    Trick Training

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    Scent work

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    Impulse Control

  • conf.jpg

    Bravery & Confidence Building

  • Nice day today, a little time off betwee

    Puppy Agility

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    Reactive Rovers

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