Impulse Control

Does your dog get over excited? Jump up at you or other people? Bark at you for attention or for food? Wants to chase everything that moves? Is unable to settle down? And are you sick of asking your dog to "sit, sit sit" and getting no response?

A 2 hour workshop spent intensively working on teaching your dog a variety of games to help your dog develop some impulse control is  great starting point. 

Impulse control, or self-control is useful in almost every situation, from calmly waiting to be hooked on the leash before going out for a walk (instead of jumping around) to patiently sitting for the food bowl, for the ball to be thrown or for the owner’s attention. 

The difference between constantly managing a dog’s behaviour and teaching them to manage their own is night and day — when given the choice between a dog they constantly have to tell what to do and a dog that is constantly trying to do the right thing, most dog owners naturally choice the latter.

All dogs must be sociable with other dogs and may require an assessment prior to attending.

Cost: £35 per dog with £10 discount if booked with the reliable recall or loose lead workshops.